Sunday, May 20, 2012

Plant a tree

Brighton Plant Day
Sunday 27th May
Brighton Domain
Free Flax to plant or donate a native for $10
Free hot food
Kids planting Competition - Great prizes

Help a Penguin
Get a better home

Penguins are Locals too

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peer poll Awards 2011

Your Vote counts
so send a message over on facebook
(not a comment..So we can keep it Anon till the Trophies are handed out)
with your Votes for ;

of the year... Nominees must be members !

we need a Grom trophy if you can provide one leave a comment !

Monday, June 20, 2011

Matariki Contest

Its On
Meet 9 Am OV Rocks

To be followed by the AGMeeting
Voting for the peer poll awards

if you won a trophy bring it too the meeting
and a pile of money to pay this years club subs

lets start the new year well
if not a little chilly !

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Matariki Contest

its Getting close
This year its on sat june the 25
or if too bad conditions the 26th
Meet OV rocks !

This is our big annual Get together Winter Comp!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Competition #2 (Canceled)

Ok apparently this has been called off for now, due to swell forecast. We will get something up soon about when this is going to be run.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Competition #2 (Updated)

To be run Saturday 19th March 2011

Meet at the top carpark at Brighton at 8am

Comp will be mobile however we aim to have first heats in the water at 8:30am

Monday, February 28, 2011

Beach Cleanup for SEAWEEK


Sunday March 6th 10am - All welcome to come along and help out.
A group from Big Rock Boardriders will work their way along the coast towards Taieri Mouth to pick up rubbish in the car lay-bys where the freedom campers frequent.
Please meet at 10am by the Skip
A DCC contractor will deliver two really big wheelie bins to the Brighton Beach carpark at about 9am on Sunday March 6. Collected rubbish can go in the bins, or if there is a lot, it can be stacked within a 2 meter radius of the bins. This will all be taken away by the contractor at or after 1pm the same day. While we still have a central collection point at Hancock Park, St Kilda, rubbish will be going straight into a skip without sorting and weighing as the dirty rubbish cannot be recycled.

Competition #2

To be run Saturday 12th March 2011

Meet at the top carpark at Brighton at 8am

Comp will be mobile however we aim to have first heats in the water at 8:30am

Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Season - Surf Comp #1

Jimi got it together for another relaxed comp for the Brighton Surf Club, Big Rock Boardriders, held it on the second day of the Brighton Gala day where their main event was held on the Brighton Domain. So to keep out of the way of the hundreds of carparking visitors and foot traffic we held the event at the horse carpark at Ocean View.
Below: from the comp spot looking down the coast to the Brighton Domain adorned with ferris Wheel and Gala Day presence.

Above, the Gala Day and Domain from near the top of Big Rock. Below Sam Taylor, below that Matt with one of his his trademark floaters.

Above Jimi and Andy, below, Judges lineup and spectators on the dunes, and Hayley

Above Jay tucks in, below Hayley modeling one of our XXL HOTLINE rashies

1st - Jimi Crooks
2nd - Andy Sutherland
3rd - Hayley Coakes
4th - Matt Aberdein

Tom Bodysurfing in between (also perhaps during) heats.
Sorry I didn't put up photos of everyone surfing, I missed on getting a few of you, I was just into relaxing for the arvo, even managed to get sunburnt again.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Competition #2

Our first comp of the year was successfully run 'out front of bens place' in nice 1-2 foot waves, with Jimi Crooks making a speedy recovery from a dislocated shoulder two weeks ago, to take out the honors, with some solid turns on some slightly less solid waves, followed by Andy Sutherland in second, Hayley Coakes in third and Matt Aberdein in forth.

We are going to carry on the roll and let you all know about our second comp well in advance:

We are planning to hold it 5th of March 2011, but keep an eye on the blog for full details, as always will depend on swell forecast for the weekend.
There is likely to be a BBQ following the comp.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


To be run Saturday 29th January 2011
Meet at the top carpark at Brighton at 8am
Comp will be mobile however we aim to have first heats in the water at 8:30am

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meeting Saturday 7pm Brighton Flat

Sorry for late notice, there will be a meeting this Saturday the 28/8/10 at 7pm at the blue flat 848 Brighton Rd

Monday, June 14, 2010

Matariki Comp

Saturday 26th June 2010

Meet at OV at 9am
Don't park anywhere you shouldn't!

Divisions dependent on who turns up and conditions.
Possibility of Open, Mal, Grom & Ugly

Contest mobile in Brighton area.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Rock Boardriders - ladder 4

22nd May 2010, Big Rock Boardriders held their last ladder comp of the year. After a bit of wave scouting we settled on surfing the 2nd peak down at Blackhead. Thanks to HOTLINE wetsuits who came through with two sets of rashies. heaps of fun for the morning till it all wound up at half past twelve.
  • Above: are the four placed competitors:
  1. Jimi Crooks
  2. Jono Pascoe
  3. Andy Sutherland
  4. Ben Bennett
Below Hayley drops in on Kim in the first heat.

Above Ben tucks into the green room and pops back out for a 7 point ride. Below: Jimi finding his own room to slip into.

Above: Andy, all style. Didn't have any more time to sort some more pics out from yesterday.